Sunday, 8 February 2015

Exeter Eats: Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party is small family run cafe group in the South West of England, and one of Exeter's worst kept secrets. All of their ingredients are ethically sourced, with some good vegetarian options, a few vegan, and some gluten free gems on the menu too. All of the food is made on site, which is great! 

It's nice to know that while it's not a vegetarian cafe, all the meat and eggs are free range. I can sit next to someone who's tucking into a burger, while I happily munch on my veggie sandwich or jacket potato, and know that it's much better than tucking into a veggie burger in somewhere like KFC. Much much better indeed.

The Cafe
The small downstairs and shop front make it look like a little snug coffee shop, but it's really a TARDIS. Downstairs everything is clean and bright, but primarily a service counter with some window seating. Upstairs the floor area is about three times the size, with massively high ceilings, colorful blue walls and lots of light.

While there's lots of seating it can get very busy. At the weekend it has a really buzzy atmosphere and you may find yourself squeezing up next to a stranger on the long wooden tables Hogwarts-Great-Hall-Style. If you want a more chilled environment (or a highly sought after sofa seat) just time your visit well. If you go later in the day, or pop in on a weekday it has a totally different feel, and you really appreciate just how spacious the cafe is.

The busyness can mean that its a little bit of a wait for hot food but I think its worth it. I've always really enjoyed my meals, and they normally give you a rough waiting time when you order so you know what you're in for. But it you need food fast you can always opt for a prepared sandwich and a slice of cake, which you can takeaway too if you like.

What I really LOVE about Boston Tea Part, asides from the amazing cake and tasty food are the Smoothies and Milkshakes. They are oh so good. Made in front of you with real fruit and all that jazz, they are very generously sized, and very very nice.

I can also recommend the freshly squeezed orange juice, and let you know that there are plenty of tea and coffee choices too :)

You can find out more about them on their website, facebook, Exeter facebook page, twitter, and browse their menu here.

Let me know what you thought if you've every visited a Boston Party :)


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