Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Life update!

So its been a while. 

I always read blog post where bloggers apologise for not blogging for a while and feel like they shouldn't need to, sometimes life gets in the way and that's okay. But, well, its been a fair few months so I felt like I needed a little explanation (and apology!). My third year of uni has taken over my life a little bit, I'm still making sure that I give myself breaks and a work like balance, but when I've spent the day staring at a screen, I tend to turn to knitting over blogging. 

Saying that, I have missed it! So I'm trying to get my blogging game back on and get some posts scheduled. I cant promise posts every week, but I can promise that they'll be more regular, and then the end of May will role along, and I'll be free, and Lucadonta wont know whats hit it ;) 

I have some cruelty free and ethical living posts lined up for you, but to ease myself back into the blogging world, and catch up with you all I thought I'd start of with a little life update. If you fancy knowing what I've been getting up to when I haven't been immersing myself in books about life in Stalinist Russia then this is the post for you...
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