Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Life update!

So its been a while. 

I always read blog post where bloggers apologise for not blogging for a while and feel like they shouldn't need to, sometimes life gets in the way and that's okay. But, well, its been a fair few months so I felt like I needed a little explanation (and apology!). My third year of uni has taken over my life a little bit, I'm still making sure that I give myself breaks and a work like balance, but when I've spent the day staring at a screen, I tend to turn to knitting over blogging. 

Saying that, I have missed it! So I'm trying to get my blogging game back on and get some posts scheduled. I cant promise posts every week, but I can promise that they'll be more regular, and then the end of May will role along, and I'll be free, and Lucadonta wont know whats hit it ;) 

I have some cruelty free and ethical living posts lined up for you, but to ease myself back into the blogging world, and catch up with you all I thought I'd start of with a little life update. If you fancy knowing what I've been getting up to when I haven't been immersing myself in books about life in Stalinist Russia then this is the post for you...

Most recently, Soter helped me decorate the tree (with debatable success) Cypher was gifted with a Christmas collar and I gave my nails a spot of festive treatment too. I also stole borrowed Rob's Christmas jumper (See nail background), because it had polar bears on it and it was really big and comfy. 

If we jump back a few weeks, I knitted some hats for Innocent Smoothie's Big Knit (look out for all of the hats in shops from February, and if you fancy buying a few you'll help raise money for Age UK), I woke up horrifically early but got to see a nice sunrise, and took a scenic stroll past Exeter prison. I know how to have a good time.

And before all of that, I went on a misty autumnal walk (if you look really carefully I promise there's two of my dogs hiding in that picture), and explored Plymouth. These photos lie a bit, this was way back in the September/ October sun. I've since been back in November and December and its been windy and rainy, but its still nice to be close to the sea :) 

I'll be back soon with normal post, but let me know what you've been getting up to recently, it would be great to have a bit of a catch up!  


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