Saturday, 21 March 2015

'Raspberry & Cranberry' Shampoo & Conditioner by Faith in Nature

Faith in Nature are very rapidly becoming a firm favorite of mine. I first discovered the brand in my local Oxfam charity shop and loved the idea of being able to support cruelty free cosmetics and global humanitarian relief at the same time - what's not to love? 

They're also stocked in lots of other high street shops (you can find your nearest here), or order from them online (where the service is very quick!) They're very very easy to get your hands on :)

Everything is natural, vegan, cruelty free, and lots of the ingredients are organic too. Everything is made in Britain, so if your UK based they'll help you lower your carbon footprint too.

Shampoo and Conditioner 
£5.50 each (400ml)

These two products are my most recent Faith in Nature love. My hair can get quite dry at the ends so I took my pick from their 'normal to dry' range, but there are some equally lovely sounding 'normal to oily' options to pick from too. It's definitely improved my hair condition. I initially only brought the conditioner as I was a bit short on money and I still noticed a difference. I then brought the shampoo too and was even happier. My hair feels so soft, and its much easier to brush. 

I opted for the Raspberry and Cranberry purely because I was a fan of the smell. Its fruity and fresh but not too overpowering. I find it quite distracting to have really strong smelling hair in my face all day, and this is perfect. It keeps its smell (a quick pause while I happily sniff my hair) but I can wear other scented products too without a big clash. 

Bonus Hair Tip!
This goes for any time you wash your hair, regardless of the product your using, but rinse your hair with shampoo twice. I was slightly skeptical when I first stumbled across this little tip but its amazing! Just give your hair a quick rinse the first time, and then the second time really work the shampoo into your hair. The first wash removes the first layer of dirt, and allows the shampoo to lather up far more on the second wash to give your hair a much deeper clean. 

I was worried that my fine hair might not cope with the extra product, but if anything its improved the condition. I used to wash my hair every other day and use dry shampoo on the other days. Now my hair stays grease free on the second day so I don't need the dry shampoo. I can even go two days without washing my hair if I use dry shampoo on the last day. I feel like I'm saving so much time! I'm also using less heat on my hair which can only be a good thing.

Do you have any hair care tips? What's your go to shampoo and conditioner combo?

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