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Cruelty Free Cosmetics: Six SPF's

I'm on the hunt for a good face SPF. Thanks to M&S I've got my cruelty free sun cream down, but I want something that I can use on my face every day, and regular sun cream is just that bit too heavy. It's okay if it's a super sunny day, but ideally I'd like to be wearing a SPF regardless of the weather. It doesn't have to be really hot to be doing damage to your skin. So what am I looking for?

1) I'd like it to be moisturising. My skin doesn't get very dry, but I like to keep it that way so I try to apply moisturiser once a day. Realistically this doesn't happen, but if it had some SPF in it I could kill two metaphorical birds with one stone. I don't want another separate item to have to remember, so products that do multiple jobs are always potential winners

1b) I do like my Faith in Nature moisturiser, so I would settle for an SPF serum so I could continue to wear this in the daytime. If Faith in Nature could made an SPF version of their regular moisturiser that would be the dream.

2)I'd like the SPF to be relatively high. I'm not going to be faffing about and reapplying this during the day unless it's really hot and I'm spending all day in the sun. I'm not going to rule out SPF 15, as I would still like it to be light weight, but 30 would be ideal.

3) I'm looking for something under £10, but I'm being quite demanding so I am prepared to stretch out a bit. I'm not setting a fixed limit, but price is a factor

4) Last but not least cruelty free, vegetarian, ideally vegan, no SLS, no parabens, and as natural and organic as possible.

I'm being quite fussy, so is it possible to find a product? My internet searching has yielded some results! This is my current shortlist:
This one is pushing the price limit (although it has been on sale, so it may be a winner) but otherwise looks promising. It has a super high SPF and it claims to be moisturising. It's also SLS and paraben free, organic certificated and suitable for vegans.

Ideally the SPF would be higher, but I would be okay with this if it ticks all the other boxes. It's got the vegan, organic and parabens free labels going for it andit's described as 'ideal' for a 'daily moisturiser' which is basically what I'm after. While its said to be quite thick it claims to be good at absorbing into your skin, and if this is true I could be quite tempted.

£8.99/68 ml
An under £10 find! Again this is only SPF 15, but Aubrey do higher regular sun cream and seem to have made this one less so its lighter on the face. This is something I can definitely work with on a day to day basis if I get the right consistency. It is described as a good replacement for a daily moisturiser so potentially a winner. It's also natural and vegan.

Balance MeNatural Protection Moisturiser SPF25
At £26 there's no way that I'm going to buy this. Why bother including it on the list? Well other elements look quite good, so if you have a slightly higher budget this could be the one for you.It's vegetarian and natural with no SLS or parabens and has the slightly higher SPF25. It's designed to be a daily moisturiser and also claims to be anti-ageing. Who knows, if it lives up to all these points it could be worth the money.

This is another one that ticks the price box (and it has two times more than lots of the other options!) and that instantly makes everything seem that bit better. Its described as a 'daily moisture lotion' which is a great start. Its also vegetarian, SLS and paraben free, and uses organic ingredients.

Fair Squared Olive Oil Facial Suncream SPF15 
This little beauty is also fairtrade which is a real winner. It's also a bit more budget friendly and currently on sale at £11.99 which I might have to take advantage of. I really like the sound of the vitamin E and olive oil to help moisturise, and fingers crossed it's not too heavy being SPF 15. I know it doesn't always work like that, but I can't find a description so I'm being optimistic.

Have you tried any of these SPF's? I'm leaning towards the Aubery Oraganic, Avalon Organics or Fair Squared, but do let me know what you thought if you've tried any of these! Other recommendations are also very very welcome!

All images sourced from the links provided for each product, natures health box, Debenhams or Paul's Choice


  1. Hi Lucianna,

    Thanks for compiling this little guide! I've recently been looking into sun protection creams, especially vegan and natural ones so this has been especially useful.

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

    1. Hi Besma :)

      That's okay, I'm glad you found it useful! MyPure is a great place to look if this list doesn't have the perfect one for you.

      Lucianna x


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