Sunday, 5 July 2015

Cruelty Free Skincare: Fair Squared Facial Sun Cream, SPF 15

A few weeks ago I wrote this post which listed a few different cruelty free facial SPF's that are currently on the market. This Fair Squared facial sun cream was on the list, and it turned out to be the winner! Well, in the sense that is made its way into my shopping basket. I don't have enough cash to trial all of them for you (or come to think of it, enough faces), but I do have a few opinions on this one to share, and they're all rather positive.

The Company (Fair Squared)
One of my main reasons for picking this SPF was the company. Not only are the products cruelty free, paraben free and vegan friendly, but they're also fairtrade. Its great to know that animals and people are being considered and cared for. The products are also made entirely from recycled, recyclable or compostable resources which are sourced in a way which is sustainable for both the environment and the producers. I'm sure the company isn't perfect, no company is, but it definitely has some good credentials.

They also sell facial moisturiser, after sun, BB cream, hand cream, lip balms and condoms (which they distribute for free to help prevent AIDS) if you're interested in checking some of their other products out :)

The Product
First things first, its been protecting my skin. I sat in the sun before applying suncream to the rest of my body (by mistake - I don't recommend this, even if you're testing out a product) and ended up with a pink chest, but my face was absolutely fine. You can buy higher SPF's (this one is SPF 15), but its good for daily/all year round wear. If I'm going to be sitting in the sun for long periods, I'll apply regular sun cream to my face too, but if i'm caught in a sunny spell unexpectedly or just outside i'm covered.

The cream is infused with olive oil to moisturise your skin and it seems to be working. This has taken the place of my daily moisturiser in the morning and I haven't noticed any deterioration in the condition of my skin. I got a few spots when I first started using it, but nothing major and these have now gone, and stayed away. If it was related to this SPF I'd put it down to a change in my skincare, as opposed to the product itself.

The consistency of the cream is slightly clay like, but its still light weight and very easy to apply. It sinks into skin quickly, so makeup can be worn on top if you want without a problem.

At £14.99 for 50ml its pretty reasonable/mid range. When I did some research for my previous SPF post I found one that was £8.49 for 100ml - which is clearly quite a bit cheaper! But I also found ones that were £20+ for 40ml. The majority, like this one, hovered around the mid teens for the same amount. This one also goes a relatively long way- I probably use two pea sized amounts to cover my face and neck.

Where to buy?
I got mine from the Ethical Superstore(£14.99) when it was on sale for £11.99 (but I would be prepared to pay the full price!). I've also found a few other places that sell it a bit cheaper or have free delivery: Love Lula (for £13 and free delivery), Natural Collection (£14.99 and free delivery), or CutECOsmetics(£12.99, free delivery if you bulk the order up a fair bit and make it over £40 or if not £3.50).

Let me know your thoughts if you've tried any other Fair Squared Products :)


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