Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Favorite CF Brands: Faith in Nature

I love finding new cosmetics to try, but there's nothing better than finding a whole, or big chunk of a company that you love. Having companies that you can trust, and know work for you make shopping for cruelty free products so much easier and gives you some great 'safe options' that you know you can fall back on.

I thought I'd start a mini series to share some of my favorite brands with you. Some of them will be old favorites, and others will be newly discovered gems. I'm planning to make this a regular thing, so let me know if you have any suggestions, or constructive criticism! :)

But anyway, back to the important stuff - Faith in Nature.

The Company
This company has so many of the things I look for in a cosmetic brand. Its cruelty free, vegan, and generally ethically minded. The products use natural ingredients which are sourced locally, in the UK, where possible. If ingredients are sourced from further afield, they try to do it in an ethical and sustainable way. I'm sure the company isn't perfect, but they definitely have good intentions, and are doing lots of things to be conscientious and mindful to animals and the environment.

Favorite Products
I've built up quite a big stash of products, and lots of them are ones I use daily. I've talked about their Raspberry and cranberry shampoo and conditioner before and I'm still a fan, but my current favorite is now the Aloe Vera Shampoo - I've found that it gives my hair a bit more nourishment, and keeps it from going dry for that bit longer.

The conditioner wasn't quite strong enough for my fine hair (that breaks easily) but I would recommenced it for normal or oily hair. It did leave my hair feeling soft, but didn't give it enough strength. When my current conditioner runs out I might see if the Aloe Vera version is any better for me, so I haven't totally written it off!

Their deodorant is also my current go to, and my skin care routines (see here and here) are filled with some Faith in Nature gems. My all time favorites are probably the Rejuvenating facial wash and Exfoliating face and body polish, which have both done wondrous things to my skin, and helped kill a few lingering black heads.

Price Range
I'd describe the company as being in the mid range, but offering really good value for money. It's not a budget brand, but most products don't stray too far above the £5 mark, and some (like the deodorant) are even less.

All of mine have also lasted me a long time, so I like to think that the price balances out in the end. I use my Rejuvenating facial wash 3-6 times a week, I brought it in January and its still got some left in September! I'd say that was £6.25 well spent :)

If you buy products directly from their website you can also make use of their loyalty points scheme. You get points for spending money, which you can then use to get money off future orders, and I've found it to be pretty generous.

Where to Buy
If you want to pick up products on the high street, then a full stockist can be found here. Health food shops, Holland & Barrett, and Oxfam shops are all good bets.

If you want to by products online then Faith in Nature's own website is the most obvious place, and it lets you make use of their loyalty point scheme. If you want to combine your order with some other products, the Ethical Superstore and Big Green Smile could be the best options for you.

Find out More
You can keep up to date with all things Faith in Nature on their website, twitter, and facebook.

I'd love to know your thoughts if you've tired any products from Faith in Nature, and let me know your favorites so I can add them to my 'to-try' list!



  1. Thanks for sharing this! I've heard the brand name mentioned a few times but didn't really know much about their products. I definitely want to try that facial wash and face/body polish if they've helped your blackheads, mine are a nightmare!


    1. Hi Steph! I was the same, but I quickly became a fan when I tried a few products out :) Their blackhead fighting ability has been great! I use the wash most mornings, and then use the polish about once a week instead. I've been really happy with the results - I hope they have the same effect if you give them a go! :)

  2. I love Faith In Nature! My favourite range is the coconut - love the hair products and the hand cream. I haven't tried any skincare items yet, so I'd love to try those. I think this is a great brand for natural beauty on a budget. xxx
    www.justemma.co.uk - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

    1. ohh I haven't tried any of their coconut products yet! I may have to change that :) Thank you for the recommendation! I agree, its such great value for money. xxx


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