Thursday, 19 May 2016

Ethical Fashion: Rapanui

So it's been a while, sorry! My third year at university saw blogging take a backseat, I'm not going to make loads of excuses, but now that I've finished University (eekk!) I plan to go back to blogging regularly :)

I'm trying to be a lot more conscious when it comes to ethical fashion. Information seems to be a lot harder to come by than cruelty free cosmetics, and I've definitely been guilty of clinging on to my ignorance in the past, but I'm trying to make some changes. Hunting out affordable ethical brands is my first step, and I want to share all my newly discovered gems with you.

The Brand
Rapanui is my latest discovery and I don't really know where to start because its just so damn great. I found Rapanui on Ethical Superstore (which is a great place to look for ethical fashion/food/home wear/beauty/bin bags) and then pottered over to their own website to see the full range.

Rapanui was started by two brothers in a shed on the Isle of Wight, its since grown quite a bit (you can see the full story here) and they make eco-friendly male and female clothing from organic or recycled materials, and do it all in a wind powered factory. To top it off, the clothes look great too.

If you need any more convincing, here are 3 things that make Rapanui rather fabulous:

Sustainable materials, an ethically accredited factory, commitment to reducing waste and providing local employment for the Isle of Wight.

A lack of traceability is probably the biggest barrier to ethical shopping- it makes it hard to hold companies accountable for their action and stops customers from making informed decisions. Rapanui provides tractability maps to show the journey of a item from the growth and production of the fabric, all the way to the shop!

-Circular Economics
If you post old Rapanui clothes back to them, they will reuse or recycle it and give you store credit. It's the clothes version of lush pots and free facemasks, and who doesn't love a free face mask? But saying that, the clothes are made to last, and I definitely plan on keeping hold of mine for a long time.

The Clothes
I own their organic cotton wolf top, and the bamboo save our seas top (all profits from this one go to the Marine Conservation Society), and I brought Rob a polar berg t-shirt. We both think they're great. The organic cotton is so soft, and the bamboo is even softer. The 'Save Our Seas' top is without a doubt the softest piece of clothing that I own, and it hasn't changed with washing. They're super comfy and so easy to wear. I chuck mine on with jeans and a hoodie or dress it up with a skirt and ankle boots if i'm feeling fancy.

You can find lots of other designs (lots have fab ethical slogans), hoodies, socks, and knitwear on their website. If you can't find anything that takes your fancy you can also design your own tshirts or edit one of their designs to have you own custom made items, how great is that?

Find Out More
You can keep up to date with all things Rapanui on their website, twitter, facebook and instagram.

Do let me know your favorite ethical brands, I'm always on the hunt for more :)

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