Saturday, 2 August 2014

South Westerly Wanderings

Lunch Stop Panorama in Cornwall (had far too much fun with this little phone feature)
I've recently got back from a super holiday with my family and boyfriend. I took far too many photos, but I've picked some of my favorites to share with you...

Land's End Llamas/Alpacas (please educate me)

We spent one week in the South Coast of Cornwall, not far from Land's End. Or as I liked to say 'The End of the Land'. This name seemed to fit with our apprehension as we left the tiny village that housed our holiday cottage, and swapped it for Land's End: a tourist haven overflowing with coach parties and souvenirs shops. Saying that, it's a breathtaking section of the coastline, and makes for a great day out. The £5 car parking may seem a little steep, but this gives you the full day, and if that doesn't sway you, you can always walk there and enter for free.

The rest of our time in Cornwall was spent seal spotting and attempting to walk along cliff paths in the crazy heat. Previous Cornish holidays have often thrown us at least ONE rainy day but this year it was sun sun sun, which was lovely, until I started melting. When the heat got too much we soon found ourselves in the sea. We made use of hidden coves and the beautiful (once you accept the strutting Nudists) Pednevounder.

Above: Pednevounder (ft. Logan Rock in the distance)
Below: A Cornish Cove often visited by seals :)
Week two saw us relocate to a cliff top farm in Devon. I've been on family holidays in the area since I was 11, and while it was our first time in this particular cottage, it was lovely to quickly slot into a 'holiday routine'. We explored some new areas of the coast, but also spent a lot of time on an old favorite beach. Despite 9 mile hikes, the week was surprisingly relaxing!

I hope you are having a lovely summer too. :)


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