Thursday, 25 September 2014

Favorite Photos.

Last year at university I somehow managed to be the person with the self destructing room. All was well in the end, but over the Easter holiday's my hot tap 'exploded' (thanks to a pesky washer) and left my room slightly on the steam damaged side. The nice maintenance people did a top job airing it out, but my photos didn't quite live to see another year. Think drawing pin rust stains and a strong aroma of musk.  

 Thankfully I had digital copies so they've all been reprinted. (I use photobox, it's easy to use, the price is really reasonable, and they're super quick). I also made the most of the opportunity to add new photos to the collection, so not all was bad! I'm waiting to get my hands on some nice string so I can make a D.I.Y photo 'washing line' to decorate my uni room and make it feel a little homely, but in the meantime I wanted to share some of my favorite photos with you. 

It's mainly sky, sea, trees, and my dogs, so you might find it a little repetitive, but they're all photos I've taken on various holidays, or during other happy moments. All of them make me smile. They remind me of the days, or places. They're all very familiar, and when I'm plonked in a random room and given the task of making it mine they do most of the work for me.

Do you have any favorite photos, or places and people that you can count on making you smile? 

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