Friday, 19 September 2014

Review: Lush's Grease Lightning Spot Cream

Photo Credit My Own one is very well loved,
so I thought I'd spare your eyes and borrow Lush's photo. 

I'm sorry for the slight pause in posts, I've gone back to Uni and the Wifi in our new house is nonexistent. In the meantime I can sometimes make use of a slightly sketchy unlocked wifi - but only if I sit on the left hand side of the house, and then it's still pretty temperamental. It is better than nothing though, and all should be up and running soon! :)

Not that you care much for my feeble excuses, so I'll quickly move on to more exciting things, a spot cream nonetheless.  Introducing Lush's Grease Lighting!   
(Lightning, lightning, lightning
Lightning, lightning, lightning, lightning,')

Now I know what you're thinking, a spot cream definitely isn't the most exciting thing that you can find, especially in Lush with all their amazing scents and glittery bath bombs, but it is one of my staples...

I'm quite lucky with my skin, but I still get the odd spot and blemish. If I whack this on before bed, there will be a real noticeable difference in the morning. 

At £6.25 It may seem a bit pricey, but I've had mine since Christmas, I use it regularly, and its still going strong. I find just one pump gives you plenty, so sometimes I feel like I'm wasting it, but it hasn't been a problem. You'll get so much use from this product, It's definitely worth the price. 

I would however say that it's more of a night product. The gel dries on the skin and hardens up, which works wonders, but it can leave a little visible film. Don't let this put you off, it works fast enough overnight, so you often don't need to use it in the day. If you do want to apply it below make up, just give it time to dry first. You could always buy a cheep, and discreet, spot treatment for day time emergencies, but if I apply this when I get home, and again before bed, I can get by with just the one product.

Lush is my favorite cosmetic shop. Not only do they have top notch ethics, but they have amazing products, and their shop assistants are always really friendly and chatty. So if it sounds like the product isn't quite what you're looking for, I'd really advise popping in and asking the sales assistants. Okay, they may not give you a bad review, but they do know that one product isn't going to work for everyone, and they can point you in the right directions based on your cosmetic needs. 


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