Thursday, 16 October 2014

Blog Action Day: Inequality.

- George Orwell, Animal Farm.
Today is blog action day. 1000's of bloggers from over a 100 different countries are taking place in a global discussion about inequality.

I've never seen my blog as a tool for changing the word. Most of the time I just feel like I'm chucking words on to a page, and hoping they somehow resemble the jumble that's inside my head. Blog action day has made me rethink this. Well, I'm still just chucking words on to a page and hoping they somehow resemble the jumble that's inside my head, but today at least, it has a purpose. A clear purpose. My blog doesn't have the biggest audience, or the strongest voice, but when it joins others and forms a bigger discussion, then there really is a potential for great change.

- J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Inequality happens when people are left behind. Unity is directly at odds with this and if we join together we can fight it.

Not everybody can type out their thoughts and instantly publish their message. We need to keep a discussion going to give these people a chance of being noticed. You're voice shouldn't be dictated by your wealth, place of birth, or circumstances outside your control.

I'm adding quotes from some of my favorite books to this post, but millions of people don't have the same access to reading, that I both love, and take for granted.

72 Million children still miss out on primary education.
This can seem like a problem that's unique to far away places, but in reality it's very close to home. 40% of the UK's poorest children are leaving primary school without the ability to read well.

 Reading isn't just something I enjoy, it's opened my mind to new ideas and places, introduced me to difficult topics, and shaped the person I am today. People can chose not to read if they don't want to, but everyone deserves the opportunity to be able to make this choice.

Basic human rights are being ignored everyday.
Worldwide, almost 1 Billion people lack access to safe water and sanitation.

Earlier this year I took part in the Live Below the Line challenge to raise awareness and money for the millions of people living in extreme poverty. To do this  I lived of £1 a day, for 5 days. This is the inflation adjusted, UK equivalent, for the global judge of extreme poverty. All the money I saved, I donated, and some lovely people sponsored me too. You can have a look at my progress blog here for more information.

A pathetic five days didn't give me a true idea of poverty, that's impossible. However, it did give me a glimpse at how little flexibility people are forced to have. I spent all my money on food. My accommodation was already paid for, I had a nice stock of cleaning products, and my water came straight from a tap.  Yet even with all these luxuries, I was hungry, tired, and constantly thinking about food.

Inequality, quite simply, isn't fair. Life may not be fair, but we have the power to do something about inequality. Small amounts of money can give people the resources and knowledge they need to lift themselves out of poverty, and provide themselves with a sustainable future. Tiny actions, can make big difference.

If we can change something for the better, can we really just sit back and let it stay the same?

Inequality shouldn't be about eradicating difference. Difference should be celebrate. Everyone is an individual and that's great! We need difference to make the world an interesting, creative, and dynamic place, but fighting inequality isn't about trying to remove difference.  Fighting inequality is about giving people equal opportunities. If opportunity are there, people can be free to make their own individual choices, and shape their own futures to the best of their ability.

Please share your thoughts and stories about inequality. If we do nothing, it's here to stay. If we start talking, we can start taking action and start making chances. Inequality is never just going to vanish, and it's going to take a fair bit of time to remove, but surely that's all the more reason to start doing things now. 


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