Saturday, 25 October 2014

My Nail Varnish Collection and Storage

Nail varnish is probably my favorite makeup item. You can be really creative with nail art, or just quickly paint on a block colour if you're a bit short of time, and it always looks great. You can also get away with really bright or bold colours, that can be a bit harder to pull off on your face

A quick disclaimer, not all of these are cruelty free. Nail varnish lasts me ages, so these are just old ones, and when they run out I'll repurchase the colour from a cruelty free brand. A few have also been given to me, one day people will finally listen to all my cruelty free preaching! Everything from Barry M and e.l.f are 100% cruelty free, and I highly recommend them. :)

I never knew quite how to store all my nail varnish, for a while they were all kept in pretty basket, but as I acquired more and more, it just got far too unorganised. It took me a little while to find an alternative that I was happy with, but in the end I settled on this acrylic draw unit from Muji.  A few older nail varnished were slightly too wide to fit in, but these aren't ones I planned to buy again, so I wasn't too bothered. They do do a slightly bigger version though, so you can always browse their other designs. 

Top Draw 

This draw has all my teal colours, top coats, darker colours, and a loan white Barry M nail varnish.  

Most of the smaller sized e.l.f nail varnishes are from this set, infact all of the ones in this draw, apart from the greeny colour to the left of the white polish ('Teal Blue'), that came in this one. The other two colours ('Yellow' and 'Party Peach') from this set are kept in the middle draw. 

The larger e.l.f nail varnish is in the colour 'Mint Cream'

I also have the Barry M Silk Effect varnish in 'Medow', and two of the Aquarium Nail Effect varnishes in 'Arabian' and 'Pacific'.

The clear Barry M varnish is their 'All in One Nail Paint', which is amazing. I'm a firm believer in a good top coat, it can make a less good nail varnish last so much longer, and a great nail varnish even greater. 

The clear e.l.f varnish is the 'Matt Finisher', which will give any type of polish a Matt Finish, surprise surprise! The Number 7 clear polish does a similar thing, but this turns any polish into a gel finish, which gets you an expensive manicure finish on a budget.  

The black Barry M varnish is the Croc Effect varnish that you apply on top of a dry polish of your choice, and it cracks to give a cool  leapordy print kinda look. I haven't used it in ages though, I need to dig this out again!

Middle Draw 

This draw has all my neutrally colours, which are mainly from the first e.l.f set that I mentioned above. The two smaller red colours in the top right are also from this set, and the orangey peach colour above them, and the yellow to the left are the other two from the second e.l.f set I mentioned above.

You can buy pretty much all of these colours individually too. 

Bottom Draw 

The Bottom draw has all my nail tools. At the back you may notice The S-file, from my all time favorite  Apprentice  contestant Tom. It is really good though, and apparently there's a S-file 2 now that I need to check out!  

There are some toe dividers for painting my toe nails, and a sponge and cocktail sticks for nail arty things. I also have some more sophisticated nail art things, like the Barry M Nail Art Pens that I love, they're so easy to use, and make detail really really easy. I have these dotting tools, that I nabbed for a bargain 98p, but you may also spot the bent hair clip, which does the job just fine too! I only 'invested' in the tools to get a variety of different sizes. Below the dotting tools you can see these brushes. I haven't experimented with these as much as I'd have liked too, but they were really inexpensive, and so far I'm happy with them too. 

And that's everything! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I do have a lot of similar colours, but they are all slightly different I promise! This probably gives you quite a good insight to my favorite colours too :) 


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