Sunday, 16 November 2014

Canterbury Cuisine at Canteen

There are loads of nice quirky places to eat in Canterbury, it's great I love it. But more often than not, Rob and I usually end up in Wetherspoons. It's cheep, nice and cosy, and the food could definitely be worse (the fried eggs may be rumored to come prepackaged, but at least they are free range :) ) 

Wetherspoons have recently changed their menu and there seem to be fewer vegetarian options, while still being good :( I wanted to try something new, especially when there are so many places to go. Canterbury is quite touristy, and eating places can be pretty expensive but there are definitely exceptions, and Canteen is a new find to add to the list. 

It's nestled right next to the Cathedral at number 17 Sun Street, so it's a great place to try if you are visiting Canterbury for the sites, and want to check out the Cathedral too. If not, it's right in the city center, so pretty convenient all round.  

On the ground floor they have a window seating area, and the service area. Canteen do have takeaway options too, but otherwise most of the seating is upstairs in smaller rooms. We went up to claim a table and then went back down to order. 

They have options that you can just pick from, a daily hot meal and a daily soup, but you can also make your own custom salads or flat bread/panini/baguette.* 

I went for a flat bread. You then pick your base, (I went for mixed leaves), 3 ingredients (Hummus, roasted peppers and carrot for me), 1 deli item (sun-dried tomatoes), and then garnishes and dressings (pesto and pumpkin seeds). It then got toasted for me, and it was super tasty, all for only £4.20. You could add more items, or buy a slightly larger flatbread for a little extra. 

There were plenty of options to turn it into a meat feast, but also loads of veggie options too. You could really tailor it to suit you, it felt like a healthy subway, with nicer seating areas and better options. 

They had a massive selection of hot drinks, with loads of flavours of tea which I would like to try, but this time I was tempted by the smoothies. No picture I'm afraid as I finished it far too quickly, however I had a delicious 'Winter Sun', with passion fruit, mango, pineapple, and orange juice.

We arrived after the lunchtime rush, so it felt quite quiet, but we got the feeling that it had probably been busy earlier on. If we had been there earlier in the morning we could have picked from some healthy breakfast/brunch options, but there was still lots of choice later in the day and the staff were all really friendly and welcoming.

I really liked Canteen. I definitely recommend the flatbread, and I'll hopefully be back to try some of the other hot food options when it gets colder, and cake. You've always got to try the cake. 

I don't eat out too often, but every now and again, it's fun to try something different and treat yourself. Let me know your thoughts if you've been to Canteen, or if not, any good places you like to go to for lunch. 

* Their Website has the full menu, or click here to see the one from my visit. 
More pictures and information can be found on their Facebook


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