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15 Eats for a Veggie Christmas Feast

Despite being a vegetarian, I love roast dinners. Even when I was a wee child, and still ate meat, meat was never the main part for me. I've always loved all the other goodies and find that there's more than enough to fill me up. It is good to make sure that you still get some protein though, and while you can quickly solve this with some veggie sausages, there are loads of much tastier, and non processed, healthier alternatives that you can feast on this Christmas, and every Sunday (or any other day) to come.

I've searched the internet far and wide, and compiled a list of  fifteen tasty looking veggie mains to complement a good old roast. Some are vegan friendly too. I'm keen to give these all a try, but can't quite squeeze them all in before Christmas! I'll be sure to report back on my cooking endeavors though, and if you give any a go- let me know what you think!

1.Festive Filo Pillow (can be made VEGAN friendly)
I've already trialed this for uni Christmas dinner, and it was supper scrummy - it got the approval of a meat eater, and a fellow veggie. I'm not the biggest mushroom fan, but I still really liked this dish. By dicing the mushrooms they didn't have the normal slimy mushroom texture, and just combined with everything else and really really worked.
I also made this without the wine/port and it still had plenty of flavor, so that step definitely isn't essential if its something you'd rather avoid too.  
I did add an extra butter wash on the outside of the parcels before cooking which I think worked quite well, and I cut down on the amount of cheese to stop the parcels overflowing. They also worked fine having been made earlier in the day and kept in the fridge until cooking.

2.Carrot and White Bean Veggie Cutlets
I thought these would be quite nice as an alternative to the standard nut roast. With no pre-cooking they would also be easy to make when you have lots of other things to think about in the kitchen on Christmas day.

3.Helen's Creme Cheeze and Cranberry Parcels
This recipe is designed to be VEGAN, using vegan cheese, but it could definitely work both ways. These don't look too heavy so could work really well with a roast that has lots of side options and would help to stop everything from getting too stodgy.

4.Classic Nut Roast (VEGAN)
The nut roast is a classic veggie roast option, and this seems to be a pretty standard, non fuss way to make your own.

5.Spinach, Cheese and Onion Rice Torte
I thought this looked a bit different, but at the same time not too complicated. It claims to be nice and creamy, so should go well with drier side options.
6. Golden Glazed Carrot, Mushroom and Hazelnut Tart
This just looks so tasty, and being portioned for one, its great for those of you that join me in being the loan family vegetarian. (I am doing my best to slowly convert everyone with super tasty looking meals like this though!) You could also easily make more if needed, win win.

7.Veggie en Croute
A fancy veggie version of a sausage role, very gravy friendly!

8.Lentil, Mushroom and Walnut Balls with Cranberry and Pear Sauce (VEGAN)
I really like how these are in little balls, like No. 3, they don't look too heavy. Very easy to prepare in advance too, and I'm all for making Christmas day work as minimal as possible,

9. Christmas Pie (VEGAN)
This beast on the other hand looks super stodgy, but at the same time oh so tasty. It would be a really good, not too fussy option, if you're catering for lots of people.

10. Mushroom and Squash Vegetarian Wellington
This looks like its a bit more fiddly, but if you've got the time, Christmas is the perfect occasion to make things a bit more fancy and special. It also serves 8-10, so again, it's great if you're cooking for lots of people.
11.Mushroom, Chestnut, Stilton & Cranberry Pies
These pies look a bit less daunting than the whopper that was no. 9. It still makes a fair few, but being nicely portioned I expect they would be easier to freeze and adapt to serve less people. The only non VEGAN ingredients are butter for frying and egg yolk for glazing, so very easy to adapt.

12.Vegetarian Nut Roast (or this slightly adapted VEGAN variation)
These are slightly fancier, and more time consuming versions of No.4. If you feel like you've overdone the nut roast, it could be a nice way to vamp it up.

13.Vegetable Arty Tart
This is just so cool looking that I couldn't not include it. I know appearance isn't everything, but it would look great on the table before it was gobbled up, AND the ingredients are pretty tasty looking too. You would need a fair bit of time to replicate this master piece, but if its something you have, go for it!

14.Aubergine, Tomato and Pine Kernel Rolls (VEGAN)
This maybe isn't a classic roast option, but I can't see it not going, and I thought it would be nice to include something a bit different. They look nice and simple and nice and tasty at the same time.

15.Glazed Lentil, Walnut and Apple Loaf (VEGAN)
The apple glaze on this loaf looks amazing! It's another good way to try something similar too, but slightly different to classic nut roasts. It also includes some tips to make it nut free so its perfect for any non meat eater with nut allergies that struggle to find non nut roast options.

Let me know which ones you think look the best, or if you have any other veterinarian or vegan friendly roast options!


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