Sunday, 5 June 2016

Ethical Living: Bamboo Toothbrushes

I had a post uni clear out a few weeks ago and the amount of rubbish one person can accumulate really made me stop and think. I've always tried to be conscious about my environmental footprint, but this has really encouraged me to put more effort into making ethical decisions. Reducing the amount of waste you produce however, doesn't have to be hard work, and this little bamboo toothbrush is a super easy way to do just that.

One person will typically get through over 300 toothbrushes during the course of their life, and that's one big landfill pile. The plastic wont break down during our lifetime, but bamboo toothbrushes are both biodegradable and environmentally sustainable.

Vegan Friendly//Fair Trade//BPA Free

I was prepared to test out a range of bamboo toothbrushes, but this was the first one I tried and it did the job perfectly. The super speedy growth of bamboo, and its self-renewing ability (without pesticides or harmful chemicals) means that deforestation isn't an issue and the environmental impact is really low. By using MOSO Bamboo, which isn't to Panda's fancy, the bears are left with plenty of bamboo to munch on too. :)

The bamboo is heated to make the toothbrush handle which prevents the growth of germs so it wont get moudly, and it stays nice and hygienic. The bristles are made from plastic but they're BPA free, and the company is continuing to look for a biodegradable and animal friendly alternative. The bristles come in soft or medium, and a child's version is available too.

The toothbrush is said to last for over 8 months, so they're super durable, but its advised that its replaced monthly, or at least every quarter, much like a regular plastic toothbrush. When you're finished the handle can be composted or thrown in the landfill to biodegrade, and the bristles can be recycled.

My Thoughts
The first time I used the toothbrush there was a strong woody taste, but after about two uses I didn't notice it. It was the equivalent of using a new toothpaste and it tasting really strong for the first few uses and then getting used to it. I thought I might have to watch out for splinters, but this hasn't been a problem at all, and its just like using a normal toothbrush.

 It obviously gets wet when you use it, and I rinse all of mine to give it a quick clean after each use, but its fast drying and will be as good as new for the next use. Avoid leaving it sitting in water, and if you can, storing it on a hanger is probably the best way to go. I don't have a hanger so I lie it horizontally across the top of a toothbrush holder and this does the job fine too. :) The bristles feel really gentle, but they still give really good results, and as I continue to use the toothbrush I'm starting to think that my teeth are looking better than normal - so that's a great added bonus! You definitely don't have to settle for lower quality if you make the switch from plastic to wood.

Price/Where to Buy
The Enviromental Toothbrush is an Australian creation, but you can buy it from UK stocklists online from around £1.35-2.85. Ethical Superstore, Natural Collection, and Amazon all stock it, but check out the google shopping results before you purchase to get the best deal. Once you've tried it out you can also buy multi packs to save on a bit of money :)

Have you tried out bamboo toothbrushes? Let me know you thoughts!

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