Sunday, 12 June 2016

Makeup: B. Cruelty Free and Vegan Lipstick

I've been blogging for a few years now, but I'm pretty sure that this is my first ever make up post! On a day to day basis I'm not a massive make-up wearer, but I do like to have fun with it on special occasions, and every now and then when it takes my fancy. I have a good basic cruelty free collection, so I will try and do a few more makeup posts, but I do tend to stick to my favorites and not branch out too much! This is the first item from B. that I've tried, and I've heard pretty mixed reviews, but I was really pleasantly surprised with this little purchase. 

Vegan//SPF 15//£7.99 from Superdrug 

The lipstick has a satin finish and gives a strong colour with one application. If you want a subtler look you can smudge the colour out with a brush. I wouldn't say it is highly moisturising, and it can feel a little drying when initially put on, but afterwards my lips are left feeling soft and overall its comfy to wear.

The colour also stays on reasonable well. After eating I do need to reapply it to get a strong colour, but there is still a trace of it left on the lips, which gives a tinted balm kinda effect. It doesn't go patchy, you just need to touch it up to make it more vibrant. 

Top left: without lipstick//Bottom left, and right: with lipstick 
The Colour 
The colour is possibly my perfect lipstick shade. As I don't wear makeup super frequently, wearing bright colours can make me quite self-conscious, unless I'm going somewhere really fancy (which isn't that often at all!). So I've been on the lookout for a natural shade that enhances my lips, rather than making a statement. Rose Quartz is perfect for this. Its like my lip colour, but well, better. It makes my lips a deeper, more vibrant colour, and subtly draws attention to them. Its warm toned so its really flattering, and an all round easy to wear shade. I love it!

The Packaging 
The design isn't super fancy, but its good enough, and it seems to be pretty sturdy. The lipstick opens with a really cool mechanism: you pop in the bottom, the cap then unlocks and you can lift it off and wind up like normal. This extra little popping step makes it that bit more secure, so it will stay together if you transport it in bags and pockets. Overall, no massive qualms in the packaging department.

Have you tried any B. lipsticks? If so let me know your thoughts and favorite shades :) 


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