Sunday, 26 June 2016

Ethical Living: Preserve Razor

As you may have seen in my bamboo toothbrush post, I'm trying to purchase items that are sustainable, as well as cruelty free. When it comes to razors, reusable handles are the most environmentally friendly option, and this little fella takes it a step further by being made from recycled materials.

The Product: Preserve Triple Razor System 
Cruelty Free//Handle made from 100% recycled materials//Reusable and Recyclable Handle//BPA Free
£6.99 including two blades 

The Handle
The handle comes in a variety of colours with a sleek design, which is also easy to grip and use, and to make things even better its made from 100% recycled plastic. It's sturdy and designed to last, but when it does reach the end of its life it can be returned to preserve to be recycled. Its grade 5 plastic that can be recycled, but often isn't at local facilities, so preserve are trying to combat this - you can either pop the handle in the post, or drop it off at a wholefoods who will send it off for you.

The Blades
The blades for this razor have a lubricating strip that's completely vegan. It contains aloe vera and vitamin E oil so they glide smoothly across the skin, achieve a close shave, but if you prefer, there is also a five blade model with the same strip. The blades are great, and you can buy a 6 pack for £6.99, but you also don't need to feel like you're restricted to these, as the handle is said to be compatible with generic Personna Acti-Flexx blades which can be purchased on the high street.

The Packaging
The little tub also doubles up as a great little storage box, and is especially handy for travel. If you keep it and use it, there's a minimal amount of waste for this product. Again, the tub is made from recycled materials (wood sources this time) and it will protect your razor and help it to last longer without taking up lots of space.

My Thoughts
I cant really think of any problems with the product; when I first used it tapping the razor to clean it could cause the blades to pop off, but if I hold it probably and put pressure on the top part of the handle (where it joins the blade) then this doesn't happen - so all my fault really!

It does the job really well, and as I've already said, shaves close to the skin. As a sidenote, preserve are pretty fab and have gender neutral marketing, advertised as being suitable 'for all'. This isn't a deal breaker, but its a great extra touch to an already fab product.

Where to Buy
Preserve are based in the USA and while you can purchase the razor directly from their website, I got mine from UK stock list, the ethical superstore. It also seems to be available on other websites, so its always worth having a quick google. :)

Have you used any preserve products? If you know of any other environmental personal care items do let me know :)

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